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Electronics Product Experience

Electronics Product Experience

Cleanroom Equipment (Portable Workstations)

Computer Cabling and Engineering Services

Computer Parts and Supplies:

Absolute HEPA Filters
Alignment Packs & Cartridges
Carriage & Ways
Daisy Wheel Element Cleaning Kits
Daisy Wheel Elements
Disk Drive Head Cleaning Kits
Disk Drive Heads
Disk Drive Subassemblies
Media - Hard Disk Packs, Cartridges & Diskettes
Printer Ink, Ribbons & Supplies Spindles
UPS Power Supplies

Computer Peripherals

CDC Disk Drives (Refurbished)
Daisywheel Printers
Data Backup Systems
Display Modules
Electro-optic Devices

Electroluminescent VGA Terminals & Monitors:

  • Monochrome
  • Grayscale
  • Muliple Color Displays


Enhancement Boards
Graphics Displays and Controllers
Large Screen Monitors
Large Screen Terminals
Misc. Printers (Refurbished)
Removable Disk Drives
Security Systems
Winchester Disk Drives
X Terminals

Computer Display Device Coatings:


Computer Software:

Accounting/Processing Systems (Banking Applications)
MAC Programming


  • Application Specific Development and Run Time Monitors
  • Degradation Analysis Monitor
  • Dynamic Screen Formatting Monitor
  • Exception Analysis Monitor
  • Natural Language Speech Recognition Software
  • Operations Analysis Monitor
  • Real Time Exception Analysis Monitor
  • Response Time Analysis Monitor Operating Systems Monitor

Mini, Micro and PC:

  • Accounting Systems
  • Estimating Systems
  • Interactive touch screen generators for Graphics and Text Screen Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • PLC Interface Software

Man-Machine Interface Terminals:

  • Medical, Industrial
  • Off-Road
  • Manufacturing
  • Aviation Support Vehicle
  • Aerospace Applications

Programmable Logic Controller

  • (PLC) Process Control, and System Status

Supercomputer Math Libraries
Supercomputer Operating Systems
VAR Vertical Software Programs

Computing Machinery:

Alphanumeric Encoders - Troy Checkprint System
Array & Parallel Processors
Electronic Computing Cash Registers
Industrial Computers
Man-Machine Monitor Interfaces for Rugged Point-Of-Information Industrial Applications
Mechanical Engineering Workstations
Mini Supercomputers
Optical High Speed Sensing Device
Parallel Processors
Single Board Computers
Ruggedized Computers

Computer Services & Training:

Application Software
Bundled Software Packages
Computer Peripheral Depot Maintenance
Database Services
Field Service Maintenance
Technical Support
Value-added Electronic Component Prep and Service
VAR Warranty, Sales and Service Programs

Computer Telephony Systems

Electronic Peripheral Components:

AIB-PCx Interface Boards
A/D and D/A Boards
A/D Converters
Control Cards
D/A Converters
Data Acquisition Interface Boards
Dielectric Sputtering Deposition
Electronic Switches
Flat Panel LCD Display Modules and Terminals
High & Low Density Hybrid Circuits
High Speed Laser Diodes & Modules
Hybrid Printed Circuit Boards
Infrared Sensing Devices
Infrared Touch Screens
Military Cockpit Color CRTs
Non-Contact Measurement Boards
Printed Circuit Boards
Sunlight Readable Active Matrix Color TFT VGA Displays
Sunlight Readable Passive CRTs, Monochrome, Gray Scale and VGA Displays
Transflective LCDs
TTL Integrated Circuits
X, Y and Raster Scan Monitors

Integrated Electronics Testing, Manufacturing, Assembly and Quality Control Services

Photoelastic Birefringence Measurement Equipment

Radar Controlled Traffic Speed Safety Devices
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